Hsin-Tai Wu: From Cardiovascular Surgeon to Joining the Taiwan State Building Party

Felicia Lin
6 min readDec 18, 2023

My guest on this episode of Talking Taiwan is Hsin-Tai Wu (吳欣岱), a member of the Taiwan Statebuilding party. We talked about how and why she went from being a cardiovascular surgeon to joining the Taiwan Statebuilding party and becoming a politician, the background and goals of the Taiwan Statebuilding party, and how the party was instrumental in the recall of Han Kuo-yu as the mayor of Kaohsiung, after he ran as the Kuomintang presidential candidate in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election.

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Hsin-Tai Wu is running for Taiwan’s legislature on January 13th, the same day as Taiwan’s presidential election, so we talked about the issues she cares about and her thoughts on the presidential hopefuls.

Here’s a little preview of what we talked about in this podcast episode:

  • Hsin-Tai’s background and upbringing
  • How Hsin-Tai went from being a cardiovascular surgeon to a politician
  • The impeachment of Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu
  • How Hsin-Tai became a member of the Taiwan Statebuilding Party
  • The anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong in 2019
  • Han Kuo-yu was the Kuomintang presidential candidate in Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election
  • The background of the Taiwan Statebuilding Party and how it was founded
  • Taiwan’s attempt to enter the WHO in 2003
  • When Hsin-Tai Wu joined the Taiwan Statebuilding Party
  • What happened in Kaohsiung after Han Kuo-yu became the mayor
  • Why Han Kuo-yu was recalled as the mayor of Kaohsiung
  • How Han Kuo-yu as the mayor of Kaohsiung said he wouldn’t run for president but then after serving three months as mayor he was nominated and later became the KMT candidate for Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election
  • Han Kuo-yu’s proposals
  • The outcome of Taiwan’s 2020 presidential election
  • The procedure to recall a mayor
  • The outcome of the recall vote
  • What it’s been like for Hsin-Tai Wu switching from being a cardiovascular surgeon to a politician and member of the Taiwan Statebuilding party
  • The goals and principles of the Taiwan Statebuilding party
  • Problems with the Kuomintang
  • The Brazilian egg issue that led the Minster of Agriculture in Taiwan to resign
  • The problem with Taiwan’s state system, the Republic of China
  • How China is using UN Resolution to say that Taiwan is a part of China
  • The confusion caused by Taiwan’s official name the Republic of China
  • Bills drafted by the Taiwan Statebuilding party
  • Issues that Hsin-tai cares about
  • China’s interference in Taiwan’s presidential election
  • how a possible opposition alliance in between the Kuomintang and Taiwan People’s Party in Taiwan’s 2024 presidential election would have used polls to determine who would be the presidential candidate- the Kuomintang’s (KMT) candidate Hou Yu-ih (侯友宜) or the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) candidate Ko Wen-je (柯文哲)
  • Hsin-Tai’s thoughts on the 2024 presidential hopefuls Terry Guo, Ko Wen-je, Hou Yu-ih, Lai Ching-te
  • Challenges faced by the Taiwan Statebuilding party

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General Yu (于北辰) and Hsin-Tai Wu (吳欣岱) — Full Talk — New York Taiwan Center 7.6.23:

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