Being Black in Taiwan and Racism in the United States: A Conversation with Elissa Russell and Elizabeth Williams

  • What brought Elissa and Liz to Taiwan
  • Elissa and Liz talk about their experiences living in Taiwan
  • The racism that Liz and Elissa have experienced in Taiwan vs. the United States, and how they have handled it
  • Elissa and Liz share their perspectives on the segregation in Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles
  • Liz and Elissa offer their perspectives on Black Lives Matter
  • Elissa and Liz discuss how the killing of Ahmaud Arbery felt especially personal
  • The anti-racism initiative that Liz is working on
  • Being an ally vs. an accomplice
  • What actions people can take to support the Black Lives Matter and too educate themselves
  • How to have conversations with others about the Black Lives Matter movement

Listen to Episode 88 with Elissa Russell and Elizabeth Williams by clicking HERE

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Felicia Lin

Felicia Lin


Felicia Lin is a Taiwanese American writer and social media enthusiast. To learn more about her visit: