A Conversation on Raising Blasian Kids: Part 1

  • How their parents/families first react to learning that their partner was Black
  • When their parents’ perceptions changed
  • How to deal with people’s reactions to them and their Blasian kids
  • Dealing with people’s perceptions of their kids as primarily Black
  • Acknowledging that as a parent you may unintentionally do things that hurt your kids
  • How they co-parent with their partners
  • Learning about the Black experience through their partner’s personal experiences
  • The Taiwanese experience and the role social justice in Eileen and Rolla’s lives
  • The importance of acknowledging the privilege that you have compared to other groups of people
  • Preparing their kids for encounters with the police or authority figures
  • The importance of instilling confidence in your kids to be comfortable with who they are
  • How to prepare your kids for any racism or bias they may encounter and make sure that they are safe
  • “The talk” that Black parents have with their kids
  • How Asian identity is perceived in the U.S.
  • The acceptance of Blasian people’s Asian identity
  • The participation of Rolla’s kids in Taiwanese American conferences and summer camps
  • Dealing with microaggressions that they have experienced
  • Eileen’s parenting questions for Rolla and Rolla’s advice

Listen to Episode 94: Raising Blasian Kids Part 1: A Conversation with Rolla Chng and Eileen Lin-Goutier by clicking HERE

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Felicia Lin

Felicia Lin

Felicia Lin is a Taiwanese American writer and social media enthusiast. To learn more about her visit: www.felicialin.com.